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Jul 27 2021

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Virat, you were too soft for LPU

With power comes responsibility, as the famous quote from the movie Spiderman echoes, there is much that Indian celebrities have to adhere to. With the latest Tweet and Instagram post by legendary cricketer Virat Kohli, praising Lovely Profe...

Jul 21 2021

By Admin

Mobile advertising is changing the landscape of advertising sector

In a world of hyper-exposure to advertisements, that the pandemic has had a ‘sobering effect’ on the advertising sector as a whole is beyond doubt. Yet, for an industry characterized by a cross-platform media landscape with a plethora...

May 29 2021

By Admin

Five ways that take virtual events up a notch

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to make virtual collaboration a mainstream tool. Institutions and organizations have adapted to this change and people have become accustomed to it. As organizations and events see it, virtual events culture will c...

Apr 15 2021

By Admin

Emerging trends in the consumer durables industry in the ‘new normal’

2020 will leave its mark in history as the year that altered lives and reshaped the business landscape across industries. The consumer durables industry has come a long way since the beginning of the pandemic. Companies have tapped into changing...

Mar 10 2021

By Admin

#CareForHerHeart by helping her manage her stress better

Women have donned multiple roles, from being the nurturer and caregiver for the family to multi-tasking and leading at the professional front. Dedicated to their responsibilities, most often, they get caught up in the demands of day-to-day life that c...

Feb 25 2021

By Admin

The Chrysalis of marketing

Peter Drucker, the Austrian management consultant, educator, and author, once said, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” This quote treads well even in the...

Jan 29 2021

By Admin

Importance of Video Marketing

With the world going digital and lives getting busier, people do not have enough time to invest in reading long descriptions or digging deep into the services.The modern consumer of today wants to see the product in action. That is where the role of v...

Jan 25 2021

By Admin

Advertising trends that will die in 2021

It wouldn’t be wrong to term 2020 as the year of disruption and transformation.What was expected to be a good year for advertising sector turned out to be a catalyst for digital transformation of the sector that made brands to recalibrate t...

Dec 08 2020

By Admin

Can Business Coaching support SMEs in their Transformation Journey?

Running a business can often feel and appear like a very lonely pursuit. However, having an experienced business coach that you can rely on is one of the most valuable resource available to SME business owners. Most SMEs business owners looking for...

Dec 07 2020

By Admin

Human Resources in the Security Sector: An Integrated Model for the Future ahead

Manpower Security has always been considered an unorganized sector & irrespective of the size of the industry it still remains more or less nascent in the minds of big money churners. Our country saw an Industrial revolution post ‘91 &...

Dec 01 2020

By Admin

How Will The Education Industry Look Like In The Future?

The last one year has been quite dramatic for all the industries and the education industry has also seen the impact of COVID 2019 in different ways, one question that was in the mind of every individual, be it parent, student, the teacher is how will...

Nov 25 2020

By Admin

Getting started with mobile attribution: What you need to know

In an increasingly complex digital environment, marketers need data they can rely on. But for many brands, the accuracy of data is an ongoing struggle: a recent study showed that a whopping 21 cents of every media dollar spent by organizations in...

Nov 06 2020

By Admin

Do you think all Business Email Solutions are same? Hackers would be glad to know

Today, Email is the core of almost every business, and the easiest way to communicate with businesses and customers. It is a platform where you get your most crucial information and notifications. Also, it provides you with storage space for...

Oct 30 2020

By Admin

Why everyone is experimenting with Instagram stories like feature?

2013 was the year when stories came into existence, stories were the reason for snapchat to gain immense popularity among Gen Z. Snap Stories allowed its users to post 24-hour ephemeral photo and video slideshows that disappear within a day. This form...

Oct 24 2020

By Admin

Tanishq Ad Row: What We All Should Learn!

In the last few days, I am guessing almost everyone on social media has stumbled upon one of these. And those who haven’t seen it for once, clearly live under a rock. No offense. Here, let me tel...

Oct 21 2020

By Admin

How Can HR Protect Employees’ Mental Health During Covid-19 Crisis?

We are living in the most uncertain, unprecedented and increasing unsettling times of our lives. Uncertainty triggers anxiety. Between rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, questions about whether or not to reopen economies and businesses, the ongoin...