10 Best Action Shows On Netflix 2024

Best Action Shows On Netflix in 2024.

Netflix is killing it with action shows these days. If you’re like me and love intense fight scenes, heart-pounding chases, and stories that keep you hooked, they’ve got you covered. Here’s my take on the best action shows on Netflix in 2024 that you just have to check out. 1. The Umbrella Academy “The Umbrella … Read more

Why These Movie Soundtracks Are Considered the Best

Best Movie Soundtracks

Movie soundtracks can take a film from just good to absolutely unforgettable. They can make you feel all the fees, set the mood, and leave a lasting impression. Let’s explore 20 movie soundtracks that have reached legendary status and see why they’re the best of the best. Purple Rain (1984) Prince’s “Purple Rain” isn’t just … Read more